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Tutors and Students
Listening Tracks for Students - Interactive English Listening Tracks for the Student Book. (The videos for the Pronunciation Fun book are also on this page.)

Step One
If you have never used a computer before or if you need practice using the mouse, go to the following website for a Mouse Tutorial. Choose either the Spanish version or English version. (If you already know how to use a mouse and navigate a web page, go to Step Two.)

Mouse Tutorial Español
Mouse Tutorial English

Step Two
If you do not have an email address, use the following link to create a Gmail address. If you have an email address, go to Step Three.

Gmail - Google - In the upper right corner click on the button "Create an account." Next, scroll down and change the language to "Español" by using the pull down menu in the bottom right corner. Fill in the form, and be sure to write down your username and password.

Step Three
Use the link below to find out where to start in the USA Learns classes.
Where to Start in USA Learns - You will need to register to use this website. Make sure you write down your password! - In the upper right corner of the page change the "site language" to Español. Write down the password you create.

GCF Learn Free- Create an Account - After you create an account, go to the home page for the site. Then click on the "Reading" tile in the center of the page. Choose what you want to learn from the different options. - Use your log in name and log in to the site. Read the passages and answer the questions.

Adult Learning Activities - Click on a word or picture from the topics at the top of the page. Then choose a story to read and do the activities after the story. You can listen to the audio as you read. When you are finished with the activities, use the form and email your results to allsaintsliteracy(at)gmail(dot)com. Use the @ sign for "at" and a . for "dot".

VOA Learning English - You don't need to register for this site. There are a lot of news stories in different levels for you to read. There is also audio for the stories. Write down the titles of the stories you read and a short summary. Give this to your tutor. - You don't need to register for this site. Start at Level One. Write down what level and lesson you finished, so you can start where you left off the next time you use the site. This site is bilingual Spanish/English. - Reading practice with short quizzes. Choose something to read by clicking on the tabs across the top of the page. After you read, take the quiz. Write down the title of the story you read in your notebook.